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Waste Management Training
CIWM / WAMITAB Technical Competence Qualifications


Training & Assessment

Waste Training and Consultancy Ltd operate an approved CIWM WAMITAB Assessment Centre, based in Yorkshire, UK. 

We provide a range of level 2, 3 and 4 CIWM WAMITAB qualification options including waste landfill, waste treatment and transfer, anaerobic digestion, WEEE, ELV, resource management and many more areas of expertise. 

Whether you are a newly appointed operator through to a highly experienced managing director we have the tools, resources and expertise to mentor you to achieve your assessments within your sector specific qualifications. We do this through an approved quality assured process involving assessment of your work and quality assurance audits on your completed portfolios.

The process of completing your assessments could not be easier as we have adopted a modern approach to our WAMITAB Workbooks to ensure you get the very best of tuition and learning from each unit and assessment criteria you achieve.

Upon completion of your WAMTAB award you will be given a CIWM/ WAMITAB Operator Competence Certificate or Certificate of Technical Competence dependent on what level of qualification you have completed.

Once you have obtained your qualification there is a requirement for you to keep up to date with changing legislation and refresh your competencies. This is a process called continuing competence. Waste Training & Consultancy Ltd can help you further with refreshing your knowledge and understanding before you sit the continued competence test.  


Contact us on 01723 870467 for more information. 

WAMITAB Qualification Enquiries

01723 870467 / 07342 209223

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